5 Myths You Have to Debunk For Your Clients

Once in a while, a client comes in and asks for your opinion about something they have heard or have believed in for a long time about hair care. Some of them may be valid, while some are plain out of this world! As hair professionals, it is our job to shed light to these myths. We wouldn’t want our customers left in the dark, do we?

Here are 5 myths you have to debunk for your clients:

Myth #1: Beer will make your hair shinier, stronger, and thicker.

Fact: People say that if you rinse your hair with this alcoholic beverage, you can expect improvement on your hair’s texture and quality. This is in fact false. While the protein in beer has a potential to heal the hair, the alcohol overpowers this effect and dehydrates your crowning glory!


Myth #2: Regular trims will make your hair grow faster.

Fact: There is no proven study that the hair grows faster the more you trim it. This myth might be accounted to the fact that hair growth is more noticeable the shorter it is. You being conscious and always checking your hair may be a contributing factor too. One good thing about these regular trims is that it prevents the hair from having split ends so it’s not that bad to get haircuts often.


Myth #3: Split ends can be healed through serums, protein dozes, conditioners, and the like.

Fact: Once the hair splits, there’s no binding them again…ever! There are no available products in the market that can effectively repair your split ends. The best way to get rid of them is cut them off and care better for you hair so that it will not happen to your new tips.


Myth #4: Dandruff happens when you have dry scalp

Fact: The truth is the exact opposite. When there is a buildup of oil/sebum or sweat on the scalp, this can most likely result to white flakes known as dandruff. The best way to combat this is wash the hair more frequently and thoroughly. If the dandruff is severe, consult a dermatologist so that you can be prescribed a specialized shampoo.


Myth #5: Older people are the only ones that can suffer thinning hair or hair loss

Fact: Hair loss and thinning can happen to anyone regardless of gender or age. The factor that causes this includes hormones and excessive chemicals used on your hair. This can happen to teenagers too if they do not care for their crowning glory good enough.


The next time a client comes in and asks you about these hearsays, you know better! Educate them and give them tips on the said topics. Go an extra mile and even demonstrate how to do a better job in caring for their hair. This is good customer service and rest assured, you customers will come back!

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