5 Questions To Ask Before Opening Your Salon

Admit it, as a beauty professional, it has always been a dream to own a salon. However, putting up your own business is challenging. There are a lot of things that you would have to consider. You also would have to make sure all the investments are allotted on the right things.

Here are 5 questions you have to ask before opening your own salon:


  1. Do you have a business plan?

As in any business, having a business plan is like having a roadmap that you can follow until such time that you have succeeded. This will help you cover all aspects of your business and be ready for anything that it might face along the way or in the future. Creating a business plan is also establishing which metric you will be focusing on as a business. It will also help you project how much is your start-up and projected return of investment.


  1. Are you aware of the local laws and standards?

Check if you are compliant to the local laws and regulations where your business is going to be established. If you are not aware of them yet, it pays to do your research at the early stages of your business. Do not be afraid or frustrated with the adjustments that you would have to do. Being on the safe side of the law saves a lot of time and money.


  1. Have you found your distributors yet?

Contact distributors that you can build relationships with. Remember to check on the quality of the products more than the cost. You can also find distributors the offers training and consultation to both salon owners and staff.


  1. Is your location good?

Finding the right location for your salon business isn’t just about being in the center of commerce where all the customers are at. You also would have to consider little things like, “Does your location have ample parking spaces?” or “Is the neighborhood safe to visit during hours of operations?”  


  1. Is every space in your salon utilized?


Have a designer look into your salon. You can also consult a space planner to ensure that every area in your salon has a purpose. This is very efficient in making your salon as functional as possible. Check the dimensions of every area before buying salon equipment. Work with double-sided stations and place them in the center of your salon to maximize the use of your place.


Although the process of opening a salon is tiring and complicated, always bear in mind that you are doing this for your dream. Just remember these tips and be on top of all the work, and you’ll do great. Best of luck!

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