5 Salon Designs & Add-Ons to Keep Customers Coming Back

5 Salon Designs & Add-Ons to Keep Customers Coming Back

Salon design is often neglected by most business owners. For them, it seems enough that an operating establishment gets customers in an everyday basis. In reality though, the small things count. The littlest accents—from the service menu, the wall art, even a salon’s calling card makes the customer’s experience unforgettable.

Here are some ways to enthrall your customers back to your salon using decors:
Caffeine does the trick!

While your customer is waiting for their stylist or while choosing which service they will be going for, it would be nice to have a cup of coffee available at their disposal. Having an area for a single-cup coffee maker is a superb idea! Have bags of tea and hot water available too for those who would prefer such. Extend the value of your customer service and offer to make them a cup just before leading them in.

DIY Art and Recycling

Do you have extra pieces of salon materials lying around? Old bottles of shampoo can be upcycled into flower vases or pen holders! You can also frame scrap materials like discarded false eyelashes. These are good conversation pieces too! Give tips on how the items were created and introduce them to the resident artists!

Share the love! Share the WIFI!

Kill your customer’s boredom while waiting for their turn or while having their treatment! Share your WIFI password to help them not use up their data during idle moments in the salon. Also display your Instagram handle and have a catchy hashtag they can use to show off their new look! This can serve as a good advertising strategy as well!

Have your menu in their pockets

Instead of a standard flyer, have something imaginative that can fit inside their purses! This can serve as a reminder of the services they can try next time and with your catchy menu, it’s so easy to make your salon the first choice in mind! Innovate every quarter to highlight your seasonal offering!

Make your business card worth passing around

An interesting business card is a lasting business card. Customers will hold onto it and even share it with their friends if they find it worth the attention. Clever and functional business cards with a hair color chart or bobby pins on it are terrific ideas you can try!

Captivating your customer’s attention is a wonderful way to keep them coming back. Invest time and thought in your salon design! You need not spend a lot on it. Recycling and your creativity can get you far!

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