5 Simple Ways to Avoid No-Show Clients

One of the many problematic deals that salon owners face is “No-shows”. These are clients who called in to set a schedule on a given date but would fail to show up the last minute and without notice. Now, you might ask why no-show clients a headache to us? This is because we free their coveted schedule and reject other customers to give way to their treatments. Sometimes, these treatments can even last for hours which could have been spent on other client’s request! That is lost profit!

To help you reduce the number of no-show clients, here are 5 ways that will hopefully help:


  1. Print Your Cancellation Notice On Your Business Card

 Since your clients will be contacting you and referring to your number through your business card, it is a good idea to have a short and simple reminder about your cancellation policy on it. Something brief and concise such as “Friendly Reminder: No-Shows will be charged a fee” is enough and creates an impact.



  1. Collect A Deposit or Their Credit Card Information Upon Booking

For you to be able to pull off #1, you have to be able to charge their payment method. Do not be shy in requesting for this information since this is a practice that has long been exercised by many businesses. Remind your customers that the deposit will be forfeited or their credit cards will be charged a small fee if they fail to show up. If you communicate this well upon booking, there should be no problem in putting this policy to practice,



  1. State Your Policy Every Time You Book A Client Online or Over The Phone

Make you cancellation rule a part of your spiel when communicating with your customers through phone or the internet. You can mention this by the end of the conversation as you are wrapping up so that the information can be retained longer. Verify their understanding by asking a confirming question such as, “Do you agree, Ms. Smith?” Also, do not forget to thank them after they answered.



  1. Post Your Cancellation Policy On Social Media

The most efficient way to set a passive reminder to your customers is to have your policy posted on your social media pages. You can pin it to the top of your wall or have it as a note that you can repost every once in a while.



  1. Have Your Online Scheduling Tool Send Automatic Reminders

If you are using an online scheduling application which sends automatic emails days before the appointment, have a highlighted portion set to remind the recipient about the salon’s cancellation policy. For the more techie salon owners, you can program a pop-up to capture their attention and have them click “YES” to show they understood the rule.



These tips may be simple but they can certainly help your business avoid potential profit loss. Consistency is the key. Make it a habit to remind your customers that a cancellation policy exists and they should abide by it to avoid issues from both parties.

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