5 Things You Need in Branding Your Business

Branding is essential in every business, big or small. It determines how you would like to be known and remembered. If your branding is overly simple, people tend to forget who you are. On the other side, if everything that associates to your business is complicated and too intricate, the masses tend to shy away or get intimidated.

Below are things you need to remember in branding your business:


  1. An Interesting Website 

At this day and age of technology, a website should always be put up even if you’re just a start-up salon. Your homepage need not be too complicated. As long as it is easy to use, this can go a long way. Always ensure that you are in control of the website. Ask for help to have it veer away from too many pop-ups that can affect your website’s credibility. The design should be creative and modern but not too difficult to navigate on.


  1. Logo 

A logo should always be present in a business entity. This is what you put on your calling cards, display on your shop, and print on the items that you use daily and give away. This is the most basic form of branding in a business. Your logo should always be relevant. You cannot run a salon and have flowers on your logo! It should tell who you are at a glance. Update your logo too whenever you feel that it has become slightly outdated.


  1. Font and Colors

Always prepare 2 fonts: one would be your main font which you will use most of the time on your salon prints and merchandise, while the other font will be used as subscript or other texts you need to display. When it comes to colors, maintain 4 brand colors at the most. Make the colors bright and positive, and attractive to the eyes of your customers.


  1. Social Media

Visibility in social media is important. Do you have a Facebook Page? How about an Instagram and Twitter page? Do not forget Google+ too! Post at least once a day during social media peak hours and be as interactive as possible! Think about your strategy like what are the things you should be posting and how often.


  1. Social Branding

Social Branding goes beyond interaction on social media.  It is creating an identity that speaks more about your business. You have to be quick and responsive at all times. Do not let 24 hours pass before you reply to an inquiry online. Do not talk too much about your products. Instead, be a friend that offer useful tips and inject your business once in a while or when you feel the moment calls for it. Be someone they can relate to. Being honest and conversant about your products and services goes a long way! Involve everyone and make sure no one is isolated or ignored on your pages!



Fulfilling these 5 things is all you need to effectively spread your brand! Remember that your salon needs to be the first thing in people’s minds. When you manage to pull these off, there is no way your salon will be unpopular! You can count on that!



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