5 Ways to Make Your Salon Environmentally Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Salon Environmentally Friendly


At this day and age, it is a must to start thinking about the environment. Running a salon business is not even an exemption! With these establishments consuming beauty products overtime, plus the amount of waste it yields, an owner has the responsibility to practice and educate his/her staff on how to reduce risks against Mother Nature.

Here are some tips to make your salon environment friendly:

Hide from Formaldehyde!

Although found naturally in nature, Formaldehyde is considered as a carcinogenic (cancer causing) air pollutant. Incidentally, many keratin treatments have been found to contain this. Check with your supplier and request for a lab report clearing the product you will be using in your salon. It may be quite a process but the safety of the environment and your client should always come first!

Be Cruelty-Free!

We have heard all about this in protests and it is distasteful how some companies would subject animals to this form of cruelty. In fact, a large percentage of animals die annually because of animal-testing. Choose salon products that are endorsed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) so you are sure that you do not encourage this savage practice.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

This is the most basic and easiest step to take to make your salon environment-friendly. Plastics were proven to cause congenital and reproductive problems in humans. Eliminating plastic is nearly impossible but the first step to this is recycling. Options like using refillable products, upcycling items, and alternatives (paper packaging instead of plastic) are a great help. Make sure your salon promotes these practices.

Save Your Energy

Conserving energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from saving you money with your bills, it improves the quality of your lifestyle by bringing up the chances of breathing fresh air. Being mindful with the usage of lights by turning them on only when about to be used can be a huge help. Re-using rinse water is also one of the most common and effective water-saving practices too.

No to Ammonia!

Ammonia is a component hair-coloring products have that opens up the cuticle so that color molecules can penetrate the inside of the hair. The hair’s PH is then prevented from closing to lock the color that has just been applied. However, ammonia is responsible for many health issues such as irritation to the respiratory system and using it would make your salon a breeding place for toxic fumes.

Fortunately, ammonia-free hair color line is now readily available to consumers. Not only is it non-toxic, it also gives out vibrant and shiny color that lasts longer.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t stop you from being an environment advocate. In fact, it gives you a platform to help further. Start in your own little way. These are just 5 ways. We challenge you to come up with more!

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