How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Salon

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Salon

Your grand opening is getting closer, but don't choose your salon furniture at the last minute. Follow these tips for selecting the ideal furniture for salon.


When you're interested in making your salon as great as it can be, it's important that you design it in a way that promotes comfort and the best overall experience for your clients.

You will need to buy some salon furniture that will help you to accomplish this.

However, it's vital that you do what you can to look for salon furniture that is tailor-made for your salon's needs so that you make the best purchase possible.

With this in mind, read on so that you can buy the furniture that is best for you.

Buy Salon Furniture That Protects Your Clients And Makes Them Comfortable

Your client's comfort is the most important thing that you need to understand when it comes to furnishing your salon.

Think about it -- if your clients are going to be sitting in your chair potentially for the next few hours, wouldn't you want to do everything that you can to make it a comfortable experience?

The studies make it clear that many people walk around with pain that they have to deal with every day. For instance, 80% of people deal with lower back pain in some form or fashion.

Make sure that you purchase some salon chairs that work with the contour of your customers' backs. Give them all of the support that they need so that they can sit comfortably without squirming in discomfort.

By buying great places to sit, it'll be easy to do hair, nails, massages or any other specialty. Your customers will feel appreciated and will come back for further service knowing they're in good hands.

It's All About The Quality Of The Sink

No matter what sort of salon you run, it's vital that you have a shampoo sink that is large, high-powered and durable.

When you run a hair salon, it can easily clog and back up. This can put your salon out of commission to the point that you're losing money.

As you carve out a salon renovation, make sure that you focus on the quality of the sink and get a licensed and insured plumber to take care of the installation.

These plumbers might charge between $30 per hour and $75 per hour and are a great investment whenever you need your salon to have a solid foundation. You should purchase an industrial strength salon sink that is built to circulate water, while also having different nozzle settings.

Focus On The Aesthetics Of Your Furniture And Salon Fixtures

Make sure that you're focusing on the way that the furniture looks in your salon whenever you're trying to outfit it with some new pieces.

You'll want to bring in an interior designer that can help you come up with some ideas that'll be creative and productive for your salon. Think about not only what kind of mood the furniture creates, but also how effective it can be used.

For instance, if your salon is in an upscale part of the city and attracts high paying clientele, you'll need to have your furniture decor reflect that. You can go with an art chic look that will create an environment in your salon that matches the environment.

Situate the furniture in a way that creates seating and waiting areas for clients, in addition to areas for cashing out and showing off products. You should also let in plenty of natural light since sunshine is excellent for mood elevation and stress relief.

You should create some color schemes that also elevate the mood in your salon. People love taking photos and videos for social media, so you'll want to make your salon is up to par and a place people would want to spend hours of their time.

Make Sure To Buy The Highest Quality Salon Furniture

Focus on quality when you're interested in purchasing some salon furniture.

This requires you to touch base with a furniture retailer that specializes in professional grade pieces. Many furniture shops not only sell salon fixtures, they'll also give you repair service whenever you need it.

Speak to the furniture shop to get some estimates on their top of the line pieces and ensure that you figure out which brands are the best for your particular salon. Don't be afraid to shop around and visit some salons in order to get an idea of what sort of furniture piece will be best for you.

Purchase Lighting That Enhances Your Salon

The lighting for your salon makes a huge difference.

When you have lighting that makes your salon easy to work in, you will get your clients in and out, will enhance the overall mood and will make the most out of every piece of square footage inside the building.

Salons that rely on LED lighting will experience improvements in mood health that permeate the building.

Ensure That You Get Furniture From A Quality Supplier

Make sure that you look into the track record of the salon equipment provider that you're looking for. Also make sure your equipment is covered by a warranty by the supplier, that way you'll be able to get salon equipment repairs that keep your equipment productive and makes it so that you're not losing business and money.

Work With A Salon Equipment Retailer Near You

Take time to speak to some salon equipment professionals that have an array of selections. SalonPro has the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible prices, so contact us today.

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