How to Get Repeat Clients the Right Way

How to Get Repeat Clients the Right Way

As someone running a salon business, you know for a fact that the ratio of one-time customers versus regulars is most of the time bigger. This is not what we want to happen, do we? As much as possible, creating a good connection with your customers and starting a healthy provider-client relationship is what we have in mind.

So how do we begin to foster this kind of connection with our visitors and turn them to regulars?

Create an Email Directory

Start growing your business by getting every customer’s email address. Why is this important? Getting this turns them into a contact! Email marketing is like paving a way to speak directly to your clients in their inbox at a time that is convenient to them.

Establish a Strong Loyalty Rewards Program

You have heard about this with café’s and spas. Why not use it for your salon? Give your clients a reason to come back for more! A strong loyalty rewards program is also a way to get them hooked right from the first moment of visit.

Tap into retail and service purchases first. A sound point system is the key. Reward your customer a point for every dollar spent on products, 2 points for services, and the like. Honor a hefty number of points to customers for making a reservation and showing up on the said appointment during check out. Start a refer-a-friend scheme, as well, that can translate to points.

Make the accumulated points redeemable by services only and have a reasonable equivalent of those points into dollar amounts. Set a one year expiration period too for the points to maintain activity.

Follow Up (But This Time Through Email)


We mentioned earlier that communicating with your clients through email is both efficient and personal. Begin a constant connection with them through this avenue. One day after their visit, send them an email advice on how to maintain whatever treatment they have availed. For example, how to keep their hair hydrated after the treatment they have gotten from you. After a week, it is also wise to email them and check to see how they are doing. Do not offer a sales pitch! Make this email comfortable, casual, and friendly. Offer some information, too, on how beneficial it is to have their hair pampered and treated regularly. After 2 weeks, you can invite your customers to join your loyalty rewards program to get them buying and coming back for more. This is only if you were not able to sign them up in the salon. If you already did, you can provide an exclusive special offer to them if they visit anytime within the week.

Follow-up and maintaining an active connection are the right ways in getting repeat customers. If you want to have more people in, it’s wise to learn to market your business.

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