How to Make a Salon Menu That Sells

Are you about to update your salon's price list? Or are you just at the beginning of your own hair or excellence business journey?

If you set aside the effort to compose your salon menu, you can place yourself in the ideal situation to viably advance your business and maximize the deals that come in. Consider it along these lines: each and every client that goes to your business take a look at your salon and spa menu, and for some, it will be a definitive main factor with respect to whether they become a customer or not. For some clients, this will likewise be one of the initial introductions they have on your business, and as we know, the first impressions often last. How about we investigate everything that you have to know so as to make the ideal salon and spa menu to enable you to take your business to another level.

What number of printed pricelist a day does your salon hand out to potential new customers? Salon pricelists take a significant lump of your salon advertising spending plan so make them work more diligently for you and pay for their keep.

When done effectively, salon menus can sell to a customer who you are as a stylist, a specialist, and a business. It can even sell treatments for you. A viable menu can help direct customers on what services to book, however, it can likewise be a valuable expansion to your advertising efforts.

Take a look at your price list!

As opposed to simply requesting a re-print next time, why not set 20 minutes aside to re-evaluate your hair or magnificence value rundown and make it a superior salon advertising device? Make it truly sell for you. It will be 20 minutes very much spent, I guarantee.

How Does a Salon Menu Bring Value?

An effective salon menu is highly valuable to you because it will:

  • Make you more cash through encouraging drive from customers wanting to get spontaneous services and take-home products.
  • Serves as a bring-home token for salon visitors, helping customer maintenance.
  • Distinguish you from different salons in the market that doesn't have a successful menu.
  • Create extra stroll in rush hour gridlock by elegantly situating your menu outside – same as what cafés do.
  • Salon menus enable you to market 24 hours a day by keeping a supply of your menu available to the public in a permanent holder situated just right outside your salon.


Here are some pointers on how are you going to make the most out of your salon menu:

Define Your Target Market

First of all, it might be hard to compose and plan the ideal salon menu except if you are ready to know who you are composing for. All things considered, 20-year-old folks will be addressed uniquely in contrast to 60-year-elderly ladies.

It is significant you require some investment to depict the kind of individual you are attempting to draw in before beginning anything identifying with composing or structuring your menu. Whatever you are passionate about and want to focus on as a salon professional, let your salon menu put the spotlight on it and let help you do the selling.

Come Up with Categories

The next thing you are going to need to do is to record all of the services you need to incorporate on your salon menu. At that point, start splitting them into classifications that fit.

Your clients will undoubtedly need specific assistance, for example, a hair color retouch or a simple hair cut – and they are not going to need to chase through the menu to discover what they are searching for. They would preferably effectively discover the area they need to take a gander at costs.

First Impressions!

How about we start with the intro page. Why not replace 'Salon Price List' with the more unobtrusive and by and large more tasteful 'Salon Price Guide' or 'Salon Menu'. You are selling a spoiling, enticing knowledge – not gadgets.

Critically, it sounds less unbending. This gives you greater adaptability in the event that you have to change costs when your customer is paying at the till. It's simpler to add extra to the expressed cost on the off chance that you've done somewhat more work when it is just a salon 'value manage' not a fixed 'list' cost.

Keep Your Prices Precise

While we are regarding the matter of prices, it is essential to ensure you are upfront about them. One of the primary reasons individuals will be taking a look at your salon menu is on the grounds that they need to perceive how a lot of things are going to cost, and in case you are maintaining a strategic distance from this subject, the menu isn't carrying out its responsibility appropriately.

Rather, be upfront about your prices and mark each help with it obviously. You may likewise need to incorporate a segment at the base or back of your menu where you can depict offers and advancements, so everything is one clear zone and the data is as simple as conceivable to expend.

The Golden Triangle

Advertisers refer to the region in the center, to upper left and right, as the "golden triangle". Our eyes originally set on the center segment, and afterward read left to right, so it bodes well to utilize this zone furthering our potential benefit. This region is the place you will need to deliberately put the administrations you need to sell the most.

Call Us!

One significant addition that can be not entirely obvious is your salon's contact details. Ensure that your name, address, website, telephone number, and email are altogether included on your menu. If there is a favored contact technique that you need to feature, direct them. In the event that you offer on the web or telephone appointments, let your clients know.

The Power of Number 9

Research indicates that it is smarter to avoid using pennies and cents. However, if you can't stay away from it, $29.95 is viewed as friendlier than $29.99 which is seen as somewhat cliché and some way or another of lesser quality. In a perfect world utilize a round figure with no pence, for example, £30.

All things considered, psychological studies demonstrate that the utilization of '9' (as in $29 or $49) builds demand. This has been demonstrated to be particularly valid for new services. In this way, in case you are introducing another hairstyle in your salon and were considering charging £45 or £50, attempt £49. There is logical verification that it is probably going to bring about significantly more deals.

Make Your Services Come Alive

Does your salon or spa have a specific theme or structure concept, for example, a tropical vibe, an urban desert garden, a clinical idea or even a zen vibe? Play into the sensory of it. Whatever way your salon is set up, make a point to reflect it in your menu wording. Play with the marking of your area and business, so it is all integrated consistently. For instance, rather than portraying a haircut's element for treatment, consider depicting the tactile experience they will experience.


When you have composed the main group of content for your menu, it is vital that you set aside the effort to experience it to ensure it is composed well. Envision reading a salon menu brimming with errors and missteps; would you consider their services? We presume not. Contract an expert proofreader or utilize a web-based composition administration to make a spa menu that is attractive and free of syntactic blunders.

Avoid Jargons

Great copywriting is not only for your salon website and pamphlets. Space is restricted on your value list so you need solid composition abilities. Make clear, brief descriptions. It sells.

Hair salons can be blameworthy of this slip-up with regards to hair shading services. For instance, you and I recognize what the heading 'Specialized Services' methods, yet your normal hairdressing customer does not. Rather, utilize the expression 'Coloring Services' as it is unmistakable and straightforward. Everybody comprehends what you mean.

Ensure Guarantee

Guaranteed satisfaction is a positive component to incorporate. It makes certainty among benefactors. It passes on power and shows trust in your work. Expanded acquiring will be legitimately ascribed to your assurance. On the off chance that a customer isn't fulfilled, assurance will open free correspondence which will empower you to quickly cure the issue and accordingly hold a customer.

Use Pictures

Utilizing pictures is a decent method to feature treatments and to enable your customers to envision themselves in your salon chair. Most of the time, salon supplies manufacturers have photos that you can utilize, or you can likewise download free pictures on the web. Simply ensure you pursue use approaches and pick photographs that supplement your menu, and not overwhelm it.


When your text content is already taken care of, you will need to consider how you are laying everything out and the general structure of your spa menu. To begin with, you're going to need to pick a topic. For salons, a minimalist theme works well because it is not very occupied or overpowering, which is the way a great many people will need their salons to be.

You will likewise need to ensure you are picking a reasonable and easy-to-read text style that fits well with your plan and offers a simplicity of meaningfulness to expend your menu content. Play around with the textual style and the spans of your wording to guarantee it's ideal for the style you're attempting to make.

It is human instinct to be pulled in to stylishly satisfying designs. As far as designing a menu that reads well in another person's hands, there are a few outlets that make it simpler to compose with pre-made formats. A few organizations offer some pleasant formats, and even Microsoft Word has a couple of good beginning stages for beginners.

Include Your Policies

Utilizing the back segment of your menu to plot your cancellation policy and booking necessities can be a confident instrument in instructing your customers about your business structure. Try to seem inviting, however firm. Your customers need a hairstylist, not a commander.

Quality is Your Priority

The nature of your menu is an immediate reflection on the nature of your services. Paper choice, ink colors, and in any event, folding lines are as significant as how you depict your administrations. In the event that your financial limit does not consider printing colored menus, utilize a more pleasant paper as a trade-off. Of you can bear the cost of it, consider having your menu structured by a visual craftsman or expertly printed. There are numerous moderate print shops over the United States. You can likewise discover skilled visual fashioners on the web.

Designing a Better Salon Price List

Learn from the specialists. Magazines and paper distributors put the most fascinating and significant articles at the highest point of the right-hand page since they realize their readers will quite often look here first.

Follow some guidelines from their experience. Put your most beneficial administrations at the upper right of your value direct. Get your realistic/website specialist to feature them in a case or comparative. What's more, keep a lot of blank areas around it.

It could be bridal hair and make-up, a new hair extension administration or a Pamper Day Spa bundle. Whatever it is, ensure it is one of your most gainful salon administrations. Try not to squander this significant space on administrations which don't build your salon main concern.


Designing an effective salon service menu can be a fun way to showcase your expertise and creativity, but it also has the potential to become a helpful tool to help boost your bookings and do the selling for you. Remember that these menus need not be expensive, as long as they serve their purpose of increasing your sales and help you market your services to your existing and new clients, then we are good!



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