Top Benefits of Using a Hair Color Processor to Process Highlights

Modern Hair Color Processors Use Infrared Heat

Highlighting your hair is a rewarding but lengthy process. To speed things up, hair color processors add infrared heat, cutting your service time significantly. But how do they work?

These futuristic-looking orbiting rings work in unique ways on the hair. They take infrared technology to heat up the hair from the inside out, rather than the outside in. This is beneficial because it’s less damaging to the already sensitive cuticles. And at all costs, we need to protect those cuticles.

Why Is Hair Sensitive When It’s Highlighted?

When hair is getting highlighted, it’s in a transitional and delicate state. The peroxide is one of the agents working to open the cuticle (outer barrier layer of hair) to let the bleach in to affect the pigmented cells in your hair.

That’s why for example if you have dark brown hair, the color changes to an orangish red after being bleached. Bleach it more, and it becomes orange-gold. Go further, and it’s a gold-yellow, until the lightest shades pale yellow and platinum. (Also why hair needs a toner to make the tone beautiful).

Heat Processors then affect the hair while it’s in this delicate, transitional state, so it’s important that they are high quality and do it as gently as possible.

So What Does the Infrared Color Processor Do During the Highlighting Process?

As the molecules are transforming due to the bleach, the gentle heat of the hair processor causes them to speed up. Because the heat is affecting the process from the inside out vs. outside in, the cuticle of the hair is not getting frizzy and dried out. It’s fascinating technology.

Some studies even suggest that infrared heat is good for the scalp and potential hair growth, lucky you.

Old Heat Processors Vs. New Infrared Color Processors

Hooded dryers heat up using a coil, much like an oven does. Then the heat is dispersed through small openings evenly over the hair. The benefits of this are faster dry time and a more controlled experience. With hand-held dryers the hair is being pushed wildly around.

But neither of these types are great for speeding up the highlighting process. The heat is too intense and can blow the foils around or the plastic sheets off that separate the bleach on a balayage.

Modern color processors not only offer better, more consistent results with each use, but they greatly speed up the hair processing times, saving you and your client valuable time.

Types of Infrared Heat Color Processors

SalonPro Orbiting Halo Infrared Color Processor w/ Rolling Base. This is a high-quality professional grade heat color processor that warms the hair as it’s developing under the bleach. The rotating head keeps the infrared heat evenly distributed over the hair, for even results.

SalonPro Orbiting Halo Infrared Color Processor Wall Mount. It’s the same style as the original, but perfect when you need a stationary mount. Often high end salons will have one mounted over each color processing station so colorists don’t have to take turns.

SalonPro Multi-Zone+ Infrared Hair Color Processor. The beauty of this device is its 5 small heaters that can target certain zones on the head. This is important due to timing. When hair is foiled, each section gets done at a different rate. If you want all sections to get done at the same time, each of these small 5 heaters can be adjusted for time and heat intensity to make everything finish together.

SalonPro Multi-Zone+ Infrared Hair Color Processor Wall Mount. This one is identical to number 3 in this list, except it’s made convenient with the ability to be mounted on the wall. Stationary heaters that can retract back towards the wall or be pulled out are amazing space-savers. With all the perks of the original, you can’t go wrong.

Products to Partner with Your Infrared Color Processor –Olaplex

The Infrared Color Processors by SalonPro are designed to speed up your highlight services while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. But in any chemical service, bonds in the hair will be broken which can lead to damaged, dry hair. While the heat helps gently warm the hair to maintain its health, what else can be done?

Taking 9 easy steps post color service to protect the health of the hair is the answer. By repairing the bonds that get broken by the bleach, the hair can look strong, healthy and shiny.

Olaplex is a system of 9 hair products uniquely designed to heal di-sulfide bonds that get damaged during chemical services. These kinds of bonds are the ones that make hair strong and shiny. Repairing them or “re-linking” them gives you the supple, healthy feel you’re looking for.

By using Olaplex in partnership with an Infrared Color Processor, you create this beneficial system of repair for your hair that protects your cuticles and keeps hair healthy during and after every color service.

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OLAPLEX - Repair, Protect, & Strengthen Hair

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