SalonPro UltraClean UV Disinfection Cabinet for Styling Tools

SalonPro UltraClean UV Disinfection Cabinet for Styling Tools

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Say hello to our super cool Disinfectant Cabinet for Styling Tools!

It's the perfect mix of safety, ease, and efficiency, all wrapped up in one smart gadget. Here's the fun part - it comes with a see-through cover, so you can sneak a peek at your tools getting all sterilized and germ-free, with no fuss involved. 


  • Easy Observation: The disinfectant cabinet comes with a transparent cover, allowing you to monitor the sterilizing process conveniently.
  • Adjustable Digital Timer: The digital timer can be adjusted from 5 to 60 minutes (default setting at 30 minutes), providing precise operation.
  • User Safety Assurance: The built-in micro switch design safeguards users from UV hazards, ensuring a safe sterilizing experience.
  • Effective Cleaning: The chrome-plated grille ensures your beauty tools are fully exposed to the UV and Ozone cleaning process for effective disinfection.
  • Versatile Use: This cabinet is designed to disinfect different beauty tools including scissors, eyebrow nips, shears, and more.
  • Ideal Size: With its perfect size, it suits both salon and home use while helping to avoid cluttering your workspace.


  • UV Resistant Materials: Made from UV-resistant materials, this disinfectant cabinet ensures a long service life.

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