Exclusive 1 Year Limited Warranty

We offer as standard, an Exclusive 1 Year Limited Warranty on all "SalonPro" brand products purchased directly through our website. For all other products sold on this website that are not "SalonPro" brand, or for "SalonPro" brand products purchased though different channels (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.), please contact us to find out the warranty period on your specific product.

For all "SalonPro" brand products covered under our 1 Year Limited Warranty: if for any reason your product is defective, not fully functional, or stops working within the warranty period (warranty starts on the date your product is shipped out from our warehouse), due to a manufacturer or parts defect, we will either send you the necessary parts to repair your product, or some cases, it will be necessary to return your product to us to be repaired. If, for some reason, the item is not able to be repaired using replacement parts, we may decide to send you a new replacement unit or a full refund (if a replacement is not available), at our sole discretion.

We will cover all shipping costs to the customer after warranty work has been performed, or in such cases where we decide to replace the item. However, all costs to ship the product to our facility for a warranty related claim is the responsibility of the customer; unless the claim is within the first 30 days of receiving your product.

If you need to contact us to start a warranty claim, please send an email to our customer service team with a detailed description (include photos/videos if available) of the issue your are experiencing and your order number to: support@salonprobeauty.com