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What and What Not To Do With An Angry Customer

When owning and managing a salon, it is inevitable encountering displeased customers. There will be days that an individual will call your attention about something they find hard to digest. This can range from simple things such as your salon ventilation and lighting, to issues that would need further action like the behavior of one of your staff. No matter how trivial or crucial the problem is, it is important that we treat it in a professional manner. Being unprepared for something like this is poison to your career as a salon owner. After all, you are running a business that revolves around customer service.   The big question is, “What to do?” When we are caught off guard by...

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5 Simple Ways to Avoid No-Show Clients

One of the many problematic deals that salon owners face is “No-shows”. These are clients who called in to set a schedule on a given date but would fail to show up the last minute and without notice. Now, you might ask why no-show clients a headache to us? This is because we free their coveted schedule and reject other customers to give way to their treatments. Sometimes, these treatments can even last for hours which could have been spent on other client’s request! That is lost profit!

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