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5 Simple Ways to Avoid No-Show Clients

One of the many problematic deals that salon owners face is “No-shows”. These are clients who called in to set a schedule on a given date but would fail to show up the last minute and without notice. Now, you might ask why no-show clients a headache to us? This is because we free their coveted schedule and reject other customers to give way to their treatments. Sometimes, these treatments can even last for hours which could have been spent on other client’s request! That is lost profit!

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5 Things You Need in Branding Your Business

Branding is essential in every business, big or small. It determines how you would like to be known and remembered. If your branding is overly simple, people tend to forget who you are. On the other side, if everything that associates to your business is complicated and too intricate, the masses tend to shy away or get intimidated. Below are things you need to remember in branding your business:   An Interesting Website  At this day and age of technology, a website should always be put up even if you’re just a start-up salon. Your homepage need not be too complicated. As long as it is easy to use, this can go a long way. Always ensure that you are...

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